Please read my FAQ

Everything you need to know about me is neatly put together in the faq below. Please read it before contacting me as all your questions will likely be answered. Thank you for your interest!


Where are you located?

I host in Levittown, PA but am happy to accommodate outcalls. I do not tour often, but the easiest way to find out if I’m coming to a town near you is to sign up for my mailing list. http://www.donnabelladoesit.com/email-list

What are your rates?

You can view my considerations here: http://www.donnabelladoesit.com/rates

Please understand that I am not an item at a flea market and will refuse to haggle with you. I value myself and my service and take pride in everything I do. If my service is out of your price range, please feel free to sign up to my mailing list where I send out specials every now and then. http://www.donnabelladoesit.com/email-list

What is screening and why do I have to do it?

My screening process is simple and I pride myself in being discrete with your information. Screening is for my safety, it gives me the information I need to know that you are who you say you are and that you are not going to do anything uncouth during our time together. If you do not understand why it is important for me to stay safe by screening you, then you are not the caliber of gentleman I am interested in seeing. I value my safety and will not waver on screening. Below is my screening process.

My screening process:

I have several ways to screen you for your convenience. Please choose ONE and provide all the information pertinent to that method of screening.

Provider Reference

  • The contact info of a girl you have seen in the recent past

  • She must have a good web presence (I do not accept UTR providers and providers without ads or reviews)

  • Please include your name and the # or email address you used to contact your reference

Social Media

  • A link to your active Facebook or LinkedIn account

  • If you choose this option your account must be active, updated and not private. I do not accept accounts that have little to no information in them.

Work Info

  • Your name

  • Place of where you work

  • Main line # to where you work (not your private line)

  • Your position

Pre Payment

  • You may pay for your appointment in full prior to our meeting via electronic payment in lieu of screening

When are you available?

Because I am in school my availability is limited.

  • I am not available on Mondays and Wednesdays at all

  • I am available on Tuesdays and Thursdays for prebooked appts and last minute requests

  • I am available on Fridays from 5pm - 12am for prebooked appts and last minute requests

  • I am available on weekends only if you prebook, no last minute availability on weekends

  • Generally booking ahead is suggested as my schedule is limited

Do you have reviews online?

Yes. Here are the links to some of the places I have been reviewed. Before TER went down I was rated top 10 in Philly for almost a decade.





Do you take electronic payments?

Yes I do, via PayPal, GooglePay or CashApp

Do you have clips or videos I can see?

Yes I do. Sorry they are not free, much like everything else in life.


What are your do’s and don’ts?

Please read my reviews to see what I am all about as I will not go through a list of what I do.

  • I will automatically blacklist you if you ask for BBFS

  • I will not return your calls, please email or text

  • I will not haggle with you, if you don’t like the rate please move on

  • I’m strict about cancellations even if you have a good excuse. To avoid being black listed please read my Cancellation Policy on my contact page http://www.donnabelladoesit.com/contact

  • I’m normally not available same day, please plan ahead

What you should know about me…

I am not the average provider, time with me is a REAL experience.

I have a brain, I have pride, I have values, I get excited and upset... I am a real human being, please remember that when contacting me.

I’m a dog person and often act like an excited puppy.

I laugh… a lot…. usually at myself.